“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." 


Shane Gillen is an illusionist and mentalist from Sligo, Ireland. Described as a ‘young new master of legerdemain’, Shane has now brought his style of magic and mentalism to audiences all around the world, with his four prominent stage shows receiving critical acclaim. Shane’s close-up performances have brought him to some of the most prestigious events and while living in New York in 2010, Shane was invited to the homes of both Kelsey Grammar and Denzel Washington to perform for the stars. In addition to that, he has also performed for Samuel L.Jackson, Lady Gaga and 50 Cent (even appearing on 50 Cent’s own YouTube channel). Shane has also talked extensively on his approach to the human condition, what makes us think certain ways and how easily we can be influenced and affected. He is currently penning a book titled ‘The Anatomy of Perception’, a title derived from an earlier TEDx talk he delivered in 2011.

Shane describes mentalism as a language, and uses that language to negotiate and interact with people in a way that makes him stand out from other performers. In 2014, Shane wrote ‘Lapse’, his largest show to date. Lapse closed to phenomenal success, with Shane receiving high acclaim from some of Ireland’s most renowned theatre critics. Shane has been twice nominated as Ireland's 'Best Corporate Entertainer' at the National Event Industry Awards.

Shane once had a cat named Trixie. Following Trixie’s departure, he had another cat named Casper (Trixie’s son, if you were wondering). After Casper’s death on October 28th 1998, Shane acquired a Pekingese named Liu Kang, but changed his name to Bob. He also had a tarantula named Aragog and another named Ramses. He didn’t get along with either.

Shane is the proud owner of two antique typewriters, is an avid James Joyce fan and has a penchant for coloured striped socks. Levitating makes him dizzy.